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MLS Fantasy, Week Two: Gil, Findley, Stephenson top picks; prizes announced

Once again, we go over the top picks, outside picks, and fantasy cost changes. We're also announcing some prizes you might get excited about.

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Top three picks

Luis Gil ... $7.0 ... Gil looked solid in the last match and will only improve with time. He found consistency last year, and now he'll be looking to reclaim that spark that made him dangerous in bursts.

Robbie Findley ... $7.5 ... Findley showed great signs against San Jose, even if he was rarely threatening. He's a great value for a striker, and if he scores much, he'll go up in price. He's also getting closer to full fitness and didn't suffer an injury, so keep an eye on him.

Khari Stephenson ... $6.5 ... With Ned Grabavoy's continued absence, Stephenson may be a good player to bring into your side. He's cheap and pretty effective.

Outside picks

Joao Plata ... $7.0 ... Plata's assist on Sunday could be the start of something more for the player . He won't win a starting spot any time soon unless he does spectacularly well, but I've got to think he's got eyes on it.

Sebastian Velasquez ... $7.0 ... Velasquez is one of those players that looks dangerous for stretches of the match. Getting him on your side could pay dividends, should he have a particularly good match.

Devon Sandoval ... $5.5 ... Sandoval showed great signs on Sunday, and if that continues, he could be a difference-maker. This is a very outside pick, though.

Dangerous Picks

Javier Morales, Nat Borchers, Chris Wingert. All of them for the same reason as before: Injuries. Give 'em a little time.

Best from last week

Alvaro Saborio: 12 points. Two goals will do that to a player.

Chris Schuler: 10 points. Schuler put in a solid defensive display — a veteran display, one might say.

Kenny Mansally: 9 points. Mansally perhaps did better in fantasy than in real-life, but it's interesting to note.

Kyle Beckerman: 8 points. Beckerman had a fantastic match, but most of it was not because of any individual defensive effort. He wasn't forced into many tackles, so this many points speaks very well to his performance.

Nick Rimando, Kwame Watson-Siriboe: 7 points. Both players were solid, though Rimando didn't have too much to do, and Watson-Siriboe wasn't quite to Schuler's level.

Drops and Gains

No players went up in cost. Nat Borchers and Cole Grossman both went down $0.1 in cost.


I hadn't mentioned it before because it wasn't official, but the following prizes are on offer:

  • $100 MLS Gear gift certificate
  • Two subscriptions to MLS Live in 2014
All participants are subject to SBNation's rules for the MLS Fantasy Manager contest. You can read those here. I'll also note that I am ineligible to win, but I don't think you'll have to worry about that anyway, given my poor performance in week one.

Join and Discuss

If you haven't already joined the RSL Soapbox fantasy league on, why not? Have at it. The code, if you'd rather use that than a link, is 193-1687.

As always, you're encouraged to discuss your team in the comments.

Remember, changes to your team must be made by 11:15 a.m. MST on Saturday.