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MLS Fantasy, Week Six: Cost-effective defenders dominate top picks


Top three picks

Nat Borchers ... $5.3 ... What hasn't been already said about Nat Borchers? He's a fantastic player. He'll be needed against Colorado, and he always plays his heart out for these matches. Not literally. That could be bad.

Chris Schuler ... $5.7 ... Schuler still leads the league in interceptions and has earned more points than the next-highest-points-earning player, Nick Rimando. How do you spell bargain? I pushed for him last week, but it certainly bears repeating.

Devon Sandoval ... $5.5 ... It would be advisable to — if you haven't already — get Devon Sandoval on your side if you've got the room. He'll free up cap space and get you the occasional points now, but when Alvaro Saborio leaves for the Gold Cup this summer, he'll be a fantastic value. You may be able to hold off for a few weeks, but if he continues to improve, he'll be shooting up in price.

Outside picks

Sebastian Velasquez ... $6.9 ... Velasquez dropped in price this week, perhaps because he hasn't been earning massive points. He's earned three points in every match he's been in, which isn't great, but isn't bad. With Javier Morales coming back, he may be relegated to the bench — it's difficult to say. But he's looked better every match, and there's always room for a player like that.

Chris Wingert ... $5.3 ... if Wingert can supplant Mansally in the side, he'll be a real bargain at $5.3. He may travel for Saturday — an indication that he's closer and closer to full fitness.

Reviewing last week

Chris Schuler: 4 points ... it wasn't Schuler's most domineering game, but points is points, right?

Javier Morales: 1 point ... This was more of a long-term pick, and it could pay dividends at any moment. Expect Morales to increase in value, even if his last performance netted him only a single point.

Devon Sandoval: 5 points ... A fine contribution for young Mr. Sandoval in his first start for Real Salt Lake.

(Outside pick) Robbie Findley: 4 points ... that goal. Then that injury. Argh.

Dangerous picks

Injured: Carlos Salcedo, Cole Grossman, David Viana, Robbie Findley.

Drops and gains

A few drops across the board have trickled in, with Josh Saunders, Chris Wingert, Khari Stephenson, Sebastian Velasquez, and Robbie Findley all dropping $0.1 in price.

Join and discuss

If you haven't already joined the RSL Soapbox fantasy league on, why not? Have at it. The code, if you'd rather use that than a link, is 193-1687.

As always, you're encouraged to discuss your team in the comments.

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