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MLS Fantasy: RSL picks to start 2014 on the right foot

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

With the season starting Saturday, the whole fervor around fantasy MLS starts, too. With that in mind, let's take a look at some sane options from Real Salt Lake to keep in mind when building your fantasy team.

Best picks

Luis Gil: At a cost of only $7.5, Gil presents the right balance between potential and ability. If he carries on from his late season form, he'll represent excellent value. If this is really a breakout season for Gil like we all hope it will be, then he'll be jumping in price post-haste.

Joao Plata: He costs only $7.0, but his productivity is well above that. He represented one of the best values in 2013 for Real Salt Lake players, finishing as the second-highest striker (behind the more expensive Alvaro Saborio).

Nick Rimando: One of the top goalkeepers in the league in fantasy performance, a proven commodity, and one of the more consistent players in the league. If we struggle in our first game, he'll be called into action, which leads invariably to points gained for your fantasy side. And hopefully the real side, but that's a little less certain.

Tony Beltran: With our fullbacks set to get further into the attack, Tony Beltran could see his fantasy impact increase — he was already a good value at $7.5, but this could boost him further into the upper echelons of our fantasy options.

Don't pick

Robbie Findley: Simply put, Robbie Findley isn't fit. When he is, he could be in contention for a fantasy pick at a good price, but until then, he'll just eat up space on your roster.