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Player Ratings: Morales, Findley near-perfect in 4-2 win over Portland Timbers

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 6.5 Nick couldn't do a whole lot about the two goals that got past him as they were just quality goals which were out of his reach. Sometimes Rimando can make those saves, but if he can't, it is hard to blame him. Rimando did really well under pressure from the strikers chasing down the ball.

Nat Borchers - 6.5 Borchers did well most of the night to effectively shut down Nagbe, Johnson, and the rest of the Portland attack. The goal in the closing seconds of the game, however, can at least in part be put on Borchers' responsibility. By no means was it only his fault, but RSL has to do more to prevent that from happening, especially since a goal in the dying minutes of a match has happened to them before.

Chris Schuler - 8.5 Schuler has been a revelation since he returned from injury. His first few games back from injury were great, but he seems to be getting in better form as every game goes by. Two goals in two playoff games is a very impressive stat line. His defending has taken RSL back to the force it once was.

Chris Wingert - 5.5 Wingert's tackle was outright dangerous and not wise to say the least. It led directly to the first Portland goal and it left Wingert with a busted up rib. Not a great way to remember his performance in this one.

Tony Beltran - 6.5 Tony has been at the top of his game of late and had a good attempt on goal off of a pass from Morales. No doubt in my mind of the value that Beltran brings to RSL.

Kyle Beckerman - 6.5 Beckerman won a lot of balls as usual, but gave up a few more than what I think is usual in tough spots. It is pretty evident that Beckerman has been through the ringer this season so I think a week or two of rest will do him well now that we know he wasn't called up for U.S. Men's duty.

Sebastian Velasquez - 7 Velasquez looked brighter on the defensive end than he did on the offensive end against Portland. He held up the ball well and distributed pretty well, but he really shined when making runs to immediately win the ball back.

Javier Morales - 9.5 A goal and two assists from the man steering the ship. Incredible performance from the veteran. Morales looks hungry for a trophy and his opponents are feeling that wrath. I hope his focus and determination earn him that ultimate goal.

Luis Gil - 6.5 Gil played well and very well should have had at least one goal if his touch hadn't gotten away from him once or twice. He looked very dangerous and put in a tough shift on the defensive side. His passes were a bit heavy at times, but overall he had a good night.

Robbie Findley - 9.5 This is the kind of performance I have been waiting for from Findley. And as I have been saying now for a while, Findley performs at his highest level when the games matter the most, in other words, during the MLS Playoffs. He just looks comfortable in these big games and he understands how to succeed in them. You need players that perform in big games to win it all, and Findley brings that as evidence by his goal and assist.

Devon Sandoval - 8 Sandoval did very well considering the fact that he is a rookie. He held the ball up well and basically allowed Kreis to "plug and play" with Saborio being unavailable. Sandoval is no Sabo obviously, but he more than held his own and scored a goal in his first playoff start of his professional career. That in and of itself is impressive, but the way he scored it with a touch to create space for himself was even more impressive.


Lovel Palmer - 6.5 Palmer came in cold and it didn't feel like RSL even lost a step. Unfortunately, we lost Wingert in the process, but Palmer has his own strengths of speed and service that he brought to the table.

Joao Plata - 7.5 Plata came on for Findley and gave the Timbers fits. His attack was strong and he justly got an assist off of the corner to Morales. Not a bad night for 25 minutes of play.

Ned Grabavoy - 6 It is always difficult to provide a player rating for someone who doesn't even play a full 10 minutes. Keeping in mind that Grabavoy is even back on the field after his injury is eyebrow-raising. He wants to be a part of this run and that determination showed through.