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Path to MLS Cup passes through Kansas City after SKC wins Eastern Conference

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Sporting Kansas City defeated Houston Dynamo 2-1, earning the MLS Eastern Conference Championship and sealing hosting rights for a Dec. 7 MLS Cup Final.

Real Salt Lake, then, will be hoping that tomorrow's match ends with them heading to Kansas City. Ahead 4-2 on aggregate against Portland after a chest-thumping performance at home, the change to host is gone, but the chance to win it all remains equally in play. Before that, though, an away leg against Portland looms. It will surely be a tense 90 (or, God forbid, 120 minutes).

If we do indeed make it, any traveling fans would be well-advised to pack a sweater or a light jacket. Kansas City tonight clocked in at a chilly 18 degrees (Fahrenheit, sadly.) The lowest recorded temperature on Dec. 7? A frigid single degree.

No Sporting Kansas City players were shown a red card during the match, so there will be no suspensions to carry over.