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Player Ratings: RSL excels across the pitch in Western Conference win over Portland

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 7 Rimando was able to stop a couple of slight threats from the Timbers, but overall the game was easy for him. He barked at his defenders early and that was the best thing he did all night.

Lovel Palmer - 6 Palmer would have a higher score if it weren't for that dangerous tackle on Will Johnson that could very well have been a red card. He was playing with fire even after that and I thought Kreis was wise to take him out relatively early in the second half. He defended well, however, and played an important role in RSL's defensive dominance.

Nat Borchers - 9 Borchers won every aerial battle and made a ton of interceptions. He also humbled the TImbers frontline with his stellar play. Quite possibly man of the match. At the very least he is in the running. Maybe it's the beard?

Chris Schuler- 8 Schuler continued his run of terror, and I mean that in a good way. His defense has been consistently excellent, but against Portland he also showed some serious attitude which is necessary on a great team. He stood up for himself and his teammates although it came back to bite him with a yellow. No problem since now the slate is wiped clean.

Tony Beltran - 7.5 Beltran played as well with the ball at his feet as I have ever seen. He is one of the most consistent defenders on the club and his level of play rarely if ever takes a step back. Nice night.

Kyle Beckerman - 9 Beckerman looked as sharp as I ever remember him being and from the look of it more focused than ever. His play was nearly perfect on both sides of the ball.

Javier Morales - 7.5 Morales distributed the ball well and held up the ball when Portland was still hungry and hopeful. He looks happier than he has ever been and nobody deserves another shot at MLS Cup than him based on his determination, sacrifice, and leadership.

Ned Grabavoy - 7.5 Frankly, it was an injustice that Grabavoy didn't put one in the net. I predict that he will put one in against Kansas. Everything comes full circle.

Luis Gil - 8.5 Gil looks like he knows that there are rumors of him getting called in the U.S. Men's National Team camp because his level of play has been picking up in the playoffs. His shot led to Findley's goal to be sure and he looked dangerous all night long.

Robbie Findley - 9 Kreis made a comment on Findley that sums up my feelings. "We brought Robbie Findley back because he's capable of scoring the goal in the biggest moments." He is in the running for MVP of the MLS Playoffs thus far. And the goal he scored against Portland was not easy since he had to change his balance in the absolute last split second.

Devon Sandoval - 7.5 Sandoval nearly had a goal and it was unfair that the ball didn't go in. Either way, the fact that he is more than a capable backup for Saborio as a rookie in the playoffs speaks volumes.


Abdoulie Mansally - 6.5 Mansally came on and RSL didn't lose a beat. He, just like the rest of the team, looked on top of his game. And no dangerous tackles is a plus.

Olmes Garcia - 6.5 No real dangerous chances that I can remember, but not a bad showing by any means. He came on and took that much more wind out of the Timbers' sails.

Sebastian Velasquez - NA Two minutes of play does not a rating receive.