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Diversity of RSL goalscorers positive, but focus should be on finishing

Douglas C. Pizac-USA Today Sport

There's been some talk about Real Salt Lake, goalscoring, and the sources of those goals. That talk's justified: there has been a certain diversity of scorers that has helped RSL's efforts, even if finishing is still a concern.

While goalscoring is more diverse at this stage of the season than last year, which will be used for comparison's sake, it does need to shake out over the course of the season before we can really praise it fully.

Over 14 matches — less than half of the season — Real Salt Lake has seen nine separate goalscorers. Over 34 matches in 2012, there were 10. It's perfectly conceivable that the disparate nature of the goalscorers could push past last year.

But of those who might be predicted to score in 2013, few remain goalless: Each of the strikers has at least one goal, and the expected midfield goalscorers yet to score have diminished day by day. Obviously remaining are Sebastian Velasquez and Khari Stephenson. (Of course, Velasquez has picked up three assists, which is quite nice.)

But while it's important that the goalscoring is being spread around, just as pressing is increasing the scoring rates all around. You know, it's like Kyle Beckerman keeps saying: It's about finishing. He's not wrong. If Real Salt Lake wants to find real success this season, finishing often and finishing early is of a high priority.