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YSA: MLS shouldn't force SGs to support chant eradication efforts

George Frey

Dictatorship. Cowardice. Discrimination.

Not the kind of words you want associated with an organization, especially not a sports organization. And yet when the league arrested people in New England, most of us rolled our eyes, and thought they have so few fans who cares what they do there? And yet this was enough of an issue that the Sons of Ben went waaaaaay out of their way to show their support for a team I’d assume they think of as a rival (probably not their main rival but a rival nonetheless) .

News: RSL officials say YSA needs to go or sanctions are coming

Little disclaimer in no way shape or form is this me putting my support behind the YSA chant. I think it is stupid and I don’t do it myself. That being said, the league is telling our fans they have to,

(1) demonstrate a universal commitment to eradicate YSA, its derivatives and other chants employing mass use of foul language –both at Rio Tinto Stadium and on the road; (2) support messaging campaigns via web, social media and face-to-face to all supporters, including a public endorsement to eradicate such chants; and (3) energetically overshadow attempts at YSA during goal kicks both at Rio Tinto Stadium and on the road.

Am I really the only one who sees the bigger issue than just the YSA chant? Again I can honestly say I’ve literally NEVER ONCE done the chant. I have no personal tie to the chant. My issue is 100% on the league dictating to fans not even just what they have to do but that they have to support it.

I’m not in one of the groups the letter is addressed to so I’m still allowed to put in my disagreements, so thanks big brother for letting us non supporter group fans still be able to do that.

Again I can’t emphasize this enough I could care less about the YSA chant itself.

This is big brother telling us you will do as you’re told and love big brother because it is not enough to obey him, you must love him. No thoughtcrime is allowed in Big Brother’s stadium.

I know you think this is an over-reaction. It is not.

There is a reason the league hasn't yet eradicated this chant yet. It is so much more than a stupid chant. It is showing your support to the Midnight Riders. It is seriously one of the only things that can unite supporters groups that typically hate each other. I know others are different but I dislike about 17 of the 19 teams in the league. Too many bad things have happened and in some way or another they have rubbed me the wrong way.

That being said if I were aware of this even happening to the Crappid fans I would be upset. I would be happy to see them lose every single game every year but I still wouldn’t be ok with this happening to their fans. I wouldn't approve of this happening to fans who I hate passionately, because it is wrong and unjust.

What can we do? Our hand is really forced here isn’t it RSL fans? We have no choice but to comply or lose our supporters groups, which would really lose our fan atmosphere. Whether you are in a supporters group or not this is our family and we must stop doing the YSA chant. What we can do is find creative ways to rebel against the league to show them we absolutely do not approve of their scare tactics. I’m not saying I’ll have the best ideas because there are certainly more creative people than me but I think “WE HATE GARBER” or “WE HATE THE DON” would nicely replace the YSA chant. “DEFEND THE FORTRESS” as a play on both our RioT nickname and what happened in New England. The 3 finger Hunger Games salute would be a nice touch to show we are against President Snow Don Garber trying to control everyone.

Please include any good ideas in the comments. Let’s comply but still show we aren’t little puppets.