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Opinion: Allen Chapman, tonight's referee, has history of problems with RSL

Chad Loveland offers a historical look at Allen Chapman's history with Real Salt Lake — there's been a bit of controversy over the last two years.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's match should be a great game. RSL vs SSFC are almost always tightly contested matches between two great teams where the winner and loser is determined by a very small margin. That margin could very well be a poor call by the lead official, and that seems likely to happen tonight.

RSL vs Montreal, May 11, Allen Chapman as the lead official: The game tying goal was scored with the attacking player offside. This is one of the only games where Chapman actually gave the team that was not RSL more yellow cards, and yet RSL still had more fouls called against them.

One of the earlier games this year, July 20, where the #1 SKC and #2 RSL teams met at the home of the #2 team, the game seemed destined for a draw until an excessive amount of stoppage time was added (7 minutes are you kidding me?) and who was the fourth official that night? Allen Chapman. All the other issues aside on that game, 7 minutes of stoppage time was so far beyond excessive.

RSL vs San Jose, July 14, 2012: the only thing that can do that garbage mess of a game justice is to show the video which can be seen here.

RSL vs LA Galaxy, February 26, 2012: there was a good recap on this same website found here.

There have been others incidents as well that weren't discussed as in-depth by some other media found here and here. The gist of which are that Kreis has actually changed where he sits on a bench and refused to shake hands with Chapman before the game. And also left a game early in protest because of Chapman.

For another sports reference that anyone from Utah should understand, Chapman is the Dick Bevatta and RSL is the Jazz or any NBA fan could say Joey Crawford and Tim Duncan.

This is the opposite of this referee selection would be if Salazar was reffing this game (he clearly has had a lot of issues with Sounders fans and coaches).

It's really too bad this game will almost certainly have some controversy specifically because of the relationship between the man in the middle and one of the teams involved. What I wouldn't give for another ref that has less than 10 matches under their belt now. Best of luck RSL, you'll certainly need it tonight!!