Real Salt Lake announce furloughs and salary reductions in wake of COVID-19

RSL owner Dell Loy Hansen and Chief Business Officer Andy Carroll
Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

Real Salt Lake have announced that they will reduce the salary for all executives and staff, and furlough other workers in response to the shutdown of league play in the wake of COVID-19.

Two weeks ago it was rumored that the organization was planning to furlough employees, but that never came to fruition. Outcries on social media, including criticism of RSL owner Dell Loy Hansen purchasing a dime for $1.3 million and $3.9 Million For 1885 Trade Dollar last year, may have caused that action to be delayed. A source within the club confirmed that had been the plan, however that plan was put on hold until today. The team’s PR Department sent out the following release:

Twitter user Chase Stuart expressed frustration that the team was still taking payments for his season tickets while they cut pay and furlough employees.

Late last week, the Utah Jazz laid off some non-basketball employees. That move looks to be more permanent than Real Salt Lake’s furloughs. The RSL employees should resume work once the situation with COVID-19 changes.



Got a dime to spare?

Player Salaries

I’ve heard that players were willing to offer a month of salary to prevent this. It must be stated/reminded that the players, in majority, are not paid by DLH or the owners of this league. All player contracts are signed with the league. The league pays the player salaries up to a set amount (I believe it is 350K) with the owner of the individual team on the hook to pay anything above that mark per player. These are the Designated Players – which each team is only allowed to have three.

So, in the case of RSL, if every player truly offered to sacrifice a months wage, that means DLH was only offered a "refund" on the salaries of Johnson, Jeizon, and Rusank. Of those, Rusnak is the only one (that we know of, numbers for Jeizon haven’t been published) that really are going to make a difference. Johnson’s 2019 salary was listed as $767K, Rusnak as $2MM, and, for arguments sake, lets make Jeizon’s salary match that of Savarino’s from last year: $499K. That is $3,266,000 in DP salary. That amount is not what DLH is on the hook for. As I said above, DP’s salaries are paid by the owners AFTER the league pays the initial max salary (in the ballpark of $350K, I know this varies each year and such and I’m too lazy to do that level of research). So $350K x3 = $1,050,000 from the league. That leaves $2,216,000 from DLH. Roughly $185K made available.

Which isn’t nothing for sure, but it’s also not going to be what is thought to be the full budget of players like "players are willing to give up a months salary" would make you believe.

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