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Player Profiles

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Aaron Herrera

It was a breakout season for the RSL Academy alum.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Justen Glad

He’s 22, in his fifth season as a pro, and he’s still getting better.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Amy Rodriguez

Rodriguez was, perhaps, Utah’s most important player because of her contributions to the offense all season.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Nick Rimando

How do you say goodbye?

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Nicole Barnhart

Nicole Barnhart is Utah Royals FC’s iron woman playing every single minute of the 2019 season.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Becky Sauerbrunn

Despite her absence due to the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Becky Sauerbrunn continued to be an important player for Utah Royals FC in 2019.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Lo’eau LaBonta

LaBonta went from a super sub to a regular starter in 2019. What changed?

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Desiree Scott

The Destroyer has another solid year for club and country.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Verónica Boquete

A major signing during the off-season, Boquete provided experience, leadership, and stability to Utah’s midfield.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Donny Toia

Toia locked down the left back spot in 2019.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Bofo Saucedo

Bofo’s another young talent that did well but will be leaving RSL in 2020.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Rachel Corsie

In her first World Cup appearance and second season with Utah, lets look at Rachel Corsie’s 2019 season.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Kyle Beckerman

Our captain is getting older, but that doesn’t stop him from making an impact on the field, in a different way.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Marcelo Silva

Silva scored his first two goals as an RSL man last year

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Samantha Johnson

Johnson’s second season with Utah Royals FC ended with her retirement halfway through the season, a surprise to many.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Kelley O’Hara

Between an injury and national team duty, O’Hara made four appearances for Utah in 2019.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Brooks Lennon

A promising young homegrown is headed to Atlanta after a less than ideal 2019 for him.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Gunnhildur Jónsdóttir

"Gunny" went from last year’s iron woman into the Royals’ utility tool in 2019.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Makenzy Doniak

Doniak made a full recovery for a 2019 return after an ACL injury in 2018, and a debut for her new club.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Becca Moros

A key veteran, Moros’ right leg injury in 2019 limited her time with the club when she was mostly needed.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Erika Tymrak

Erika Tymrak was a sub a lot in 2019 and it really hindered her ability to impact games a lot.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Andrew Putna

Will the backup goalkeeper see more time in 2020?

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Raisa Strom-Okimoto

In a year where 2019 was kinder to rookies, Strom-Okimoto, a trialist, through time as a National Team Replacement player, eventually earned a contract.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Luke Mulholland

An injury led to this RSL fan-favorite spending a lot of his time with Real Monarchs, but there’s still a good amount to talk about in 2019.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Katie Stengel

More minutes and a weakened NWSL weren’t enough to top a career best 2018

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Douglas Martinez

We welcome the Honduran from Real Monarchs.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Sydney Miramontez

Decreased minutes and an injury limited Sydney Miramontez in 2019.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Diana Matheson

National duty turned into injuries causing Matheson’s season to not exactly go according to plan

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Tony Beltran

2019 marked a year of transition for Beltran, who is moving into the club’s front office.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Brittany Ratcliffe

An unfortunate injury kept her out all season.

Nick Rimando’s top 10 RSL moments

As the GOAT retires, we look back at some of his best moments in his storied career.

2018 Player Profiles: Damir Kreilach