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Player Profiles

2021 Player Profiles: Erik Holt

The homegrown defender posted mixed results but showed improvement over the course of the season.

2021 Player Profiles: Zac MacMath

MacMath served as Ochoa’s backup, providing vital veteran depth.

2021 Player Profiles: Ashtone Morgan

2020 was out of Morgan’s control. In a way, 2021 was, too.

2021 Player Profiles: Donny Toia

Our first homegrown player never recovered from a late-season formation change.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Aaron Herrera

It was a breakout season for the RSL Academy alum.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Justen Glad

He’s 22, in his fifth season as a pro, and he’s still getting better.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Amy Rodriguez

Rodriguez was, perhaps, Utah’s most important player because of her contributions to the offense all season.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Nick Rimando

How do you say goodbye?

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Nicole Barnhart

Nicole Barnhart is Utah Royals FC’s iron woman playing every single minute of the 2019 season.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Becky Sauerbrunn

Despite her absence due to the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Becky Sauerbrunn continued to be an important player for Utah Royals FC in 2019.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Lo’eau LaBonta

LaBonta went from a super sub to a regular starter in 2019. What changed?

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Desiree Scott

The Destroyer has another solid year for club and country.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Verónica Boquete

A major signing during the off-season, Boquete provided experience, leadership, and stability to Utah’s midfield.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Donny Toia

Toia locked down the left back spot in 2019.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Bofo Saucedo

Bofo’s another young talent that did well but will be leaving RSL in 2020.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Rachel Corsie

In her first World Cup appearance and second season with Utah, lets look at Rachel Corsie’s 2019 season.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Kyle Beckerman

Our captain is getting older, but that doesn’t stop him from making an impact on the field, in a different way.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Marcelo Silva

Silva scored his first two goals as an RSL man last year

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Samantha Johnson

Johnson’s second season with Utah Royals FC ended with her retirement halfway through the season, a surprise to many.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Kelley O’Hara

Between an injury and national team duty, O’Hara made four appearances for Utah in 2019.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Brooks Lennon

A promising young homegrown is headed to Atlanta after a less than ideal 2019 for him.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Gunnhildur Jónsdóttir

"Gunny" went from last year’s iron woman into the Royals’ utility tool in 2019.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Makenzy Doniak

Doniak made a full recovery for a 2019 return after an ACL injury in 2018, and a debut for her new club.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Becca Moros

A key veteran, Moros’ right leg injury in 2019 limited her time with the club when she was mostly needed.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Erika Tymrak

Erika Tymrak was a sub a lot in 2019 and it really hindered her ability to impact games a lot.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Andrew Putna

Will the backup goalkeeper see more time in 2020?

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Raisa Strom-Okimoto

In a year where 2019 was kinder to rookies, Strom-Okimoto, a trialist, through time as a National Team Replacement player, eventually earned a contract.

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Luke Mulholland

An injury led to this RSL fan-favorite spending a lot of his time with Real Monarchs, but there’s still a good amount to talk about in 2019.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Katie Stengel

More minutes and a weakened NWSL weren’t enough to top a career best 2018

2019 RSL Player Profiles: Douglas Martinez

We welcome the Honduran from Real Monarchs.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Sydney Miramontez

Decreased minutes and an injury limited Sydney Miramontez in 2019.

2019 Royals Player Profiles: Diana Matheson

National duty turned into injuries causing Matheson’s season to not exactly go according to plan