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RSL coach Juarez on inconsistent goalscoring: “We’ve been missing that piece for four years”

It was a surprisingly strong and transparent statement from RSL’s coach.

Petke on RSL’s 4-1 home loss to Portland: “I got the tactics wrong”

"We’ll see what we’re made of," the coach said.

Waibel: RSL injuries easing with Mulholland, Beltran, Silva nearing returns

RSL’s general manager talked to ESPN 700 about injuries, performances, Damir Kreilach and more.

RSL’s full back signing Adam Henley: “This is the perfect place for me”

Real Salt Lake’s latest signing says he’s ready to hit the ground running.

Pekte praises Rimando, Glad, reveals why Lennon started

After RSL’s win over the Sounders, the head coach and Luke Mulholland shared their thoughts on the game.

Petke doesn’t like sitting back, did anyway against Vancouver

RSL coach Mike Petke doesn’t fancy himself a park-the-bus coach.

Petke praises Plata’s turnaround, RSL’s listening

RSL coach Mike Petke has lots of reasons to be happy right now.

RSL makes strides in Petke’s vision

Real Salt Lake didn’t win, but Mike Petke’s not upset.

Coach’s Quotes: Petke is ecstatic about RSL’s win over Rapids

Real Salt Lake coach Mike Petke is already earning accolades for good interviews. It’s no exception after RSL’s 2-1 comeback victory over Colorado Rapids.

Coach’s Quotes: Shore praises VanOekel, addresses direct play

Real Salt Lake’s interim coach emphasized his pride in the team’s hard work.

Beltran, Cassar praise Olave for goal, performances

Movsisyan: "I'm here to score goals"

Yura Movsisyan's return to Salt Lake City has been widely heralded as great for the club, but today, he's underscored how important it is for him.

Beltran: Burrito's the "real deal"

Juan Manuel Martinez — "El Burrito," as the crowd chanted in the second half, which the striker acknowledged — has been a game-changer for Real Salt Lake, and his home debut is prompting praise from all sides.

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Tony Beltran on Sebastian Jaime: "He has so much heart"

As a defender it really pumps me up when I see a guy like Sebastian Jaime just running for lost causes, and winning balls and putting pressure on center backs. I know personally as a defender, it m...
Tony Beltran, via RSL Communicat...
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Jeff Attinella on stopping Steven Gerrard

When Kaka was alone, I leaned a little bit and he caught me. And he caught me like that (snaps fingers) ... it was quick. So when he was coming in I thought 'Just stand my ground. Stay up, stay up,...
RSL Communications
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Chris Wingert on playing in Salt Lake City again

Me and Kyle played side by side for a full decade because we were in Colorado together, and came here at the same time. We’re here for eight seasons. It is a strange feeling but we know how the b...
Quote via RSL Communications quo...
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Nick Rimando on RSL's defending against Montreal

It’s not just the back line that gets scored on, it’s the whole team. I think the back line and I could raise our hands and say we could have all done better on all of the goals, but it also starts...
Nick Rimando via RSL Communications

Jordan Allen on the 4-3-3 so far

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Tony Beltran on Sebastian Saucedo's red card

It’s a tough moment for sure. In a situation like that where he is playing at home, and he’s home town kid, and he is a very talented kid. That’s soccer. There are highs and lows. I remember my ...

Tony Beltran, post-game quote sheet
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Jeff Cassar on why RSL struggled to gain control against SKC

When the ball was in the air a lot, it can be hard to gain control. They put a lot of pressure on you. It forces your team back and after that you have to really take care of the ball. In the first...
RSL Communications
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Justen Glad on his return from injury and goal

Unreal. Unreal. I think it's been six months since I stepped on the field and played a game. I wasn't planning on scoring, but it just makes it all the better. I was definitely nervous going into t...
Real Monarchs news release
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Lucas Baldin on why he came to the United States

School was always very important to me, and my dad always wanted me to go to the United States. He said to me, 'you know, people go to the United States later on in their careers. Why don't you do ...
Claret and Cobalt Daily, officia...
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Jeff Cassar on another great Javier Morales performance

He's playing at an extremely high level right now and I think his confidence is very high and we're going to talk a lot about that goal, but I'm going to think about the defensive play that he made...
Javier Morales, post-match. Via ...
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Craig Waibel on ESPN700 on getting Gil, Mulholland in the same XI

It’s a great problem to have for Jeff and the staff, but truth is, sometimes it’s match-ups. We’re a little bit spoiled — we have two different players, and a lot of times it’s going to come down t...
Craig Waibel on ESPN 700
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Chris Schuler to Paste on international call-ups

I actually did get called in two years ago for the January camp in 2014. So after [the] 2013 [MLS season]. So, I got called in, but I was dealing with some injuries. I wanted to have the surgery so...
Chris Schuler talks to Jon Arnol...
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Jeff Cassar on Luke Mulholland's goal

I thought he did a great job, both defensively and offensively, and obviously that was a great run from him. We talk about getting an extra person in the box, usually one of those midfielders in th...
Jeff Cassar, via RSL Communications
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Jordan Allen on his first professional goal

There was so much adrenaline, and it was just a moment that I've been waiting for for so long. It was really just a great moment for me personally and for the team, also, to get the three points. (...
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Jeff Cassar on international call-ups giving RSL players opportunities

We're really excited for them to represent their countries. It's a huge honor. We look at it as an opportunity to get some minutes to some guys that really deserve them here. Toronto is in the same...
Cassar on international call-ups
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Nick Rimando on playing against "different brands of soccer"

"You always want to play the best teams out there to see where you're at or where you need to be. If you look at our schedule this year it's very challenging and I know the team takes this as a gre...
RSL Communications
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Jeff Cassar on "odd goals" and RSL's shape

We definitely got caught. I'd say their goals — the first one Demar [Phillips] kind of takes a tough negatively, gets it stolen, which is really odd. Then it's a quick throw-in, then it's a defl...
Jeff Cassar, post-match press co...
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Luke Mulholland on the penalty question: "In my book, no."

Was it a penalty? In my book, no. Tony slipped me in, and I took a touch inside of the box; chopped it inside. Defender caught me with his stray leg on my shin and knocked me off balance. Then I ju...
Luke Mulholland via RSL Communic...
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Jordan Allen on why the 4-3-3 fits him perfectly

I was really personally excited when we decided to go to the 4-3-3. Even though I have kind of switched positions, it's pretty similar playing outside back or outside forward, in terms of I get to ...
Real Salt Lake, YouTube: Jordan ...


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