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Monarchs squad filling up fast: Recapping signings so far

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Marvin Baumgartner, defender (source)

Experience: FC Zurich youth, Swiss youth sides, El Salvador U-20

Baumgartner is an interesting figure — his highlights show well, at least.

Darion Copeland, defender (source)

Experience: University of Alabama at Birmingham, Ocala Stampede (USL PDL)

Riley McGovern, right back (source)

Experience: University of New Mexico

McGovern was presumably found through the InfoSport combine, in which Jeff Cassar participated as a coach.

Coco Navarro, forward (our story)

Experience: RSL-AZ academy graduate; Marquette University

Navarro's been involved in the RSL system as an academy player, a reserves player, and now as a Monarchs player. He's a good forward, so it'll be interesting to see how he plays out.

Emery Welshman, forward (our story)

Experience: Toronto FC, Sigma FC (Canada)

Welshman's been playing with the first team during preseason, and he played at least 30 minutes in preseason so far. Not a bad start.

Leon Brown, forward (source)

Notre Dame graduate (2014)

Jeff Cassar coached Brown at the InfoSport combine, saying in his report: "Leon is a very coachable player who is gifted technically as well as athletically. He can be a bit more communicative and can work on refining elements of his game. Very good potential."