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Hansen: Monarchs looking at greater Salt Lake area, not seeking move out of state

With the latest news from the broader Real Salt Lake organization won't be looking at the Utah State Fair Park site, owner Dell Loy Hansen has reiterated his desire to see Real Monarchs playing in the greater Salt Lake area.

In an interview today with Bill and OC on RSL-owned ESPN 700, Hansen said that the focus is still on building a local stadium.

"Our idea at this point is to explore other options, first in Utah," Hansen said. "There are other options (outside Utah)," but he was quick to point out that the goal was to keep the Monarchs playing near the first team.

Hansen, ever the business mogul, said he has more options than just the fair park.

"I think we're going to move quickly," Hansen said. "We want to explore those opportunities very expeditiously. We would like to be playing by August 2016 in the new stadium."

That timeline might be a little sooner rather than later, with the timeline for playing in a new stadium remaining the same, Hansen said.

"We're looking forward to making a precise decision here very soon on alternatives," he said. "We're actually looking for a concept that could enhance what we're doing and move a little quicker."

"We expect to still build a stadium and announce that in the near future," he said. "We think it will be in the Salt Lake area."

Alongside Real Monarchs, a women's professional team in Salt Lake City would also play at the new stadium, with Hansen targeting a 2017 launch for that.