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Player Ratings: Real Monarchs draw 0-0 in debut against LA Galaxy II

Real Monarchs played their first-ever match, drawing 0-0 with LA Galaxy II (or, if you will, Los Dos). Who performed well and who lagged behind?

Lalo Fernandez* (goalkeeper), 8, made some fantastic stops and distributed well, which is all you can really ask of your goalkeeper in a match like this.

Boyd Okwuonu* (right back), 7, was, as we expected, a good possession player, but he doesn't get forward with the greatest frequency.

Aaron Maund* (center back), 5, just proves that old saying: You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Or something like that. He had some very good defensive moments and some very poor moments.

Phanuel Kavita* (center back), 6.5, did well enough, but he wasn't the most visible player. That's a good thing for your center back, I suppose, but it does make it hard to assign a number to them.

Riley McGovern (left back), 6.5, picked up an unnecessary early yellow early on and looked a bit like this was his first professional match. (It was.) You could see, too, why Monarchs rated him, with some excellent tackling and pace on display. A mixed performance from the left back, certainly, but one to build on.

Fito Ovalle* (defensive midfielder), 8, looked perfectly suited for this level at this very early point of his professional career, with his movement and passing superb. When RSL

Lucas Baldin (midfielder), 7, isn't afraid to scrap for possession, and we saw him popping up on both sides of the ball and basically everywhere on the pitch. That he's the captain speaks volumes of his valuation

John Stertzer* (midfielder), 7, stepped into the Kyle Beckerman role at times and pushed further forward other times. He didn't look quite back to his best, but he scrapped for balls, worked hard in and out of possession, and took a hard knock or two but continued playing. That's a good thing.

Ricardo Velazco (forward), 6, didn't have the best of games playing on the left side, finding it hard to get on the ball — that's not just down to him, of course. When he did get on, he did some good, positive things in the attack.

Sebastian Saucedo* (forward), 6.5, managed some very good attacking moments, but that central position in attack isn't necessarily the best-suited for him. He helped with the possession game, but can improve.

Etiandro Tavares (forward), 6.5, helped with possession well in the defending half, but like the other forwards, he didn't have too many chances.


Lennon Celestino (81' for Fito Ovalle), N/A, didn't spend much time in the match.

Coco Navarro (82' for Eti Tavares), N/A, wasn't on long, and Monarchs didn't hold much (if any) possession during that time.

Jose Hernandez (87' for Sebastian Saucedo), N/A, had six or seven minutes of play, showing a couple of fine moments in that time. But other than that, there wasn't enough time to give him a real rating.

Leon Brown (89' for Ricardo Velazco), N/A, didn't show up on the Monarchs match report, but he did sub in for a few minutes. I don't think Monarchs had a single run of possession during his appearance.