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What to watch as Real Monarchs look for their first win

Real Monarchs are still looking for a win, and we're still looking for ways they can secure that. They face LA Galaxy II later today, and they'll be on the prowl for just that.

We've picked out a few things to keep your eyes on.

Max Rauhofer

It's not just a great name to scream like an action movie hero (or a villain, if you like, or perhaps like a certain Captain Kirk you might remember) — Max Rauhofer already looks far and away the best striker at Real Monarchs. It's not even close.

To be fair, he's only played one game, and it wasn't at home. And Monarchs still lost — that's indisputable. Facts is facts. But during that time, he looked effective. He held up the ball and waited for forwards to get into play. He was a cohesive element in the system.

That's after only a couple days of training with the team. That is, shall we say, not bad. Not bad at all.

Center backs

The absence of Jamison Olave and Chris Schuler for the first-team this weekend means that one Phanuel Kavita is basically guaranteed at least a spot on the bench for Real Salt Lake against New England. While that's good for him, it's hard for Real Monarchs, who will now be looking to re-key their defensive setup once again.

With Darion Copeland looking a little wet behind the ears in his start last weekend, Real Monarchs coach Freddy Juarez is probably scratching his head. This second-team business is difficult for continuity.

Emery Welshman

Will the speedy striker finally be available after suffering an injury on (I believe) international duty? That's going to be something for Juarez to keep an eye on, too, as he looks to get the best out of his group. Welshman is clearly one of the brighter spots, and getting him involved will be a long-term goal.