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Real Monarchs 0-1 LA Galaxy II player ratings

Eric Osswald - 6.5 - Despite having a good match and showing good ball control, Osswald somehow turned a 93rd minute cross into his own net. It was desperately unlucky from the goalkeeper.

Riley McGovern - 7 - McGovern was involved well in attacking and defensive phases, but he lacked maybe some of the spectacular qualities he's shown in other matches. That's just fine, though.

Emilio Orozco - 8 - The former Chivas USA and Tigres man formed an excellent partnership with Acosta at center back, and he broke up play well with some smart tackling.

Danilo Acosta - 8.5 - Only 17 years old and up from the academy, Acosta played a smart, attractive game at center back, keeping possession well and generally asserting himself.

Jordan Murrell - 7 - A good attacking left back, Murrell combined well on the left side and was involved in a good late push. There are places for him to improve, of course, but this is par for the course.

Fito Ovalle - 6 - Ovalle didn't have a bad showing, and he got involved well in the attack when Baldin was out, but it was hardly his best appearance for the team.

Lucas Baldin - 7.5 - Despite being consistently involved in very positive moments, Baldin's score dropped somewhat for a little bit of slowness on the ball. Several times, play was delayed at the top of the box when a simple pass might have unlocked play.

Garrett Losee - 6 - The usual bright play from Losee was a little dimmer on Saturday, but to say he was bad would be inaccurate.

Ricardo Velazco - 6.5 - Not as involved as usual, Velazco will need to re-learn his positioning with the team with a hold-up striker ahead of him. It's difficult, because the attacking midfielder and the striker will often overlap positionally.

Eti Tavares - 7.5 - There were a number of instances where Tavares bombed down the flank with the ball, and without some clear options in central positions, cut inside with the ball. He didn't end up in spectacular scoring positions, but he did create opportunities.

Max Rauhofer - 7 - After holding up play well and floating around the attacking third well, the Uruguayan's best qualities were on display — but we still haven't seen a finish result from that sort of play. Time will tell.


Maikon Orellana (59' for Losee) - 6 - Orellana was visibly frustrated a few times as he was open and unmarked on the left side and play remained central — his movement was positive and he showed a strong desire to run at players, which could differentiate him from other players around him.

Alec Sundly (66' for Tavares) - Got involved well.

Tyler Arnone (85' for Baldin) - N/A