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Real Monarchs release schedule; nine dates shared with RSL

With the release of the Real Monarchs schedule this week, we've had a chance to really take a look at things and see how they'll play out with the Real Salt Lake season.

The bad news: If you wanted to be a Monarchs season ticket holder that attended every match and you didn't want to miss a live Real Salt Lake game, you may be out of luck this year. Last year, we saw roughly the same thing, with the two teams being scheduled to play on the same day 12 times. But, in fact, they did actually ease it a little bit — there are nine crossover dates before things like US Open Cup.

Those dates this year:

  • April 2: RSL @ SKC; RM vs. LA2
  • April 9: RSL vs. Colorado; RM @ Tulsa
  • April 23: RSL @ LA Galaxy; RM vs. Rio Grande
  • April 30: RSL vs. Houston; RM @ Colorado Springs
  • May 7: RSL @ Colorado; RM @ Tulsa
  • May 21: RSL @ SKC; RM v. OC Blues (at U of U)
  • June 18: RSL vs. Portland; RM @ OC Blues
  • July 22: RSL vs. SJE; RM vs. AZ United (at UVU)
  • September 17: RSL vs. Houston; RM @ Arizona United
  • September 24: RSL vs. FC Dallas; RM @ LA Galaxy 2

Additionally, several Monarchs homes matches will be played at venues other than Rio Tinto Stadium. Most of these fall during RSL home games, when the field will be unavailable.

  • April 15: vs. Arizona (@ UVU)
  • May 21: vs. OC Blues (at U of U)
  • June 11: vs. Sacramento Republic (at ... Reno)
  • July 22: vs. Arizona (@ UVU)

So, the question, this year like last, is whether it's worth it to be a Real Monarchs season ticket holder. While the crossover is an annoyance, the team was reasonably good at managing the times so there wasn't real interference. We can expect the same sort of thing this year. So if you're interested in seeing the Monarchs play — and hopefully better than last year — it's hard to argue against it.

In other news, if you're interested in writing about Real Monarchs for RSL Soapbox, we'd love to have you on board. Email me — montgomery (DOT) matt (AT) — and we'll talk. (Expect more on this tomorrow, too.)