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Freddy Juarez named first-team assistant coach; Richie Williams out, Eck no longer coach

RSL’s coaching staff just got shuffled around significantly.

Real Salt Lake just shuffled their coaching staff, with assistant coach Richie Williams leaving the club and Monarchs coach Freddy Juarez joining the first-team staff, according to a club-issued press release.

The release also seems to have indicated that RSL coach Ted Eck is no longer with the club, given this line: “(Juarez) now completes out the coaching staff under Cassar, which continues to include Tyrone Marshall and Daryl Shore.”

RSL Communications indicated that Eck is still on the soccer staff but is no longer part of the coaching staff.

That move will ripple through the RSL structure; as a result of this, Real Monarchs will be searching for a new coach ahead of their third season in the league.

Given the arrival of former Wilmington Hammerheads coach Mark Briggs to the club in mid-November, that position may be open to him.

There is no immediate word on why Williams and the club parted ways, with the release with a cursory quote from RSL coach Jeff Cassar.

"I want to thank Richie for his commitment to the club this season and also welcome Freddy to the first team staff after two productive seasons with the Monarchs,” Cassar said in the release.

More on this as it develops, but this is the first of real changes in the organization. Real Salt Lake opted to retain Cassar’s services in recent weeks after the coach’s contract expired.