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Orellana, Tavares cut from Real Monarchs

Real Monarchs look to have cut ties with some of the players that got them through their rocky first year, including Maikon Orellana and Etiandro Tavares.

Joining them is apparently Jonathan Caparelli, who only played for the club in 2016.

Update, Sept. 29: Edgar Duran, another former academy player, posted a goodbye message.

Update, Sept. 30: Darion Copeland and Amass Amankona seem to be gone as well.

A few scattered goodbyes are passing through Twitter and Facebook,

Both Orellana and Tavares came through Real Salt Lake’s Arizona-based academy; Orellana, in particular, had an interesting career before joining Monarchs.

Born in El Salvador but with family in Provo, Orellana had played at Brønbdy IF in Denmark and Alianza in El Salvador before coming stateside.

Losing those two is a bit of a blow for those who have specifically followed Real Monarchs since their onset. Both are active in the community and have produced some of the team’s greatest on-field moments.

Still, there’s some sort of inevitability to changes like these, particularly where younger players are concerned. That will continue to be the case as Real Monarchs seek to build themselves into a feeder system for Real Salt Lake — two-year cycles might be the goal.

We’re not pleased to lose Orellana and Tavares, but they could find success elsewhere. Here’s hoping they do.