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2017 Monarchs Dossier: Andrew Brody

Entering his second season with Real Monarchs, Andrew Brody looks to continue cementing his place as a midfield stalwart.

Andrew Brody John Engels

Player name: Andrew Brody

Position: Midfielder

Last club: University of Louisville / Orlando City U-23

One thing you need to know*

Brody spent his youth career at the RSL-AZ Academy before moving on to college, then coming home to join Real Monarchs ahead of the 2016 season. Man, isn’t the academy neat?

Also, Andrew is, in fact, not related to actor Adrien Brody.

* Two. Two things.

What he brings to the team

Brody has already proven himself to be a very capable attacking threat with a solid field vision and a great touch with the ball at his feet. Expect him to only become better as he sees more field time in 2017 following the mass departure of many 2015/2016 players.

Why you should be excited

Brody knocked in nine goals and 15 assists at the University of Louisville. While settling into the Monarchs squad throughout the 2016 campaign, Brody tallied two goals and one assist over 22 matches. In the 2017 preseason, he’s already grabbed two goals. So why should this make you excited? GOALS. I know it may be hard right now for many RSL fans to remember what those are like, but luckily Brody knows how to do them. Expect a nice uptick in production as he settles in to a likely regular starting role.

Predictions for 2017

  • Expect to see Brody appear in 30+ matches this season.
  • Don’t be surprised to see him among the top 3 scorers for the Monarchs, and finish with upward of 6 goals and 4 assists on the year.
  • People will realize how much fun and how cheap it is to attend Monarchs matches, and average home attendance will increase dramatically. Tell all your friends.