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2017 Monarchs Dossier: Emmanuel Ocran

A new recruit, Emmanuel Ocran presents a real question for Real Monarchs: Could he be great?

U-23 Japan v Ghana - International Friendly Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

Player name: Emmanuel Ocran

Position: Right wing

Last club: Wa All Stars FC, Ghanaian Premier League (on loan to Real Monarchs)

One thing you need to know

Ocran, 21, joins Real Monarchs with eyes on him from afar, not because he comes from a Ghanaian Premier League side, but because he’s a fringe player for the Ghanaian National Team. He was called up for qualifiers to the African Cup of Nations, and though he didn’t appear, that gives you some idea of the attention people are paying to him.

What he brings to the team

As you’d expect with a young signing from abroad, it’s difficult to really assess Ocran right now. But highlights show him as a player that’s smart with his movement and touch, but he’s also very much in the mold of a winger that might fit into Real Monarchs’ system: Not the fastest, but good with the ball at his feet and quick-thinking.

Why you should be excited

If Ocran can figure out a good transition to playing time and gets his feet under him, he could be an impactful player. Monarchs coach Mike Petke is certainly going to have his hands full with his roster and with Real Salt Lake’s youngsters occasionally getting minutes. Ocran could be a great player here, and that’s the exciting thing: We just don’t know yet.

Predictions for 2017

  • Ocran starts getting regular minutes midway through the season
  • He doesn’t score more than a couple goals, but the ones he scores are fantastic