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2017 Monarchs Dossier: Conner Sparrow

Conner Sparrow returns for his second season with the Monarchs on a quest to see more time on the field.

John Engels

Player name: Conner Sparrow

Position: Goalkeeper

Last club: Creighton

One thing you need to know

Although a returning member of the Monarchs 2016 squad, Conner only saw the field twice, both matches against Los Dos, during last season. He played a full 90 minutes in the 3-3 tie at Rio Tinto in April and 70 minutes during the 3-1 loss in September at Stub Hub.

What he brings to the team

After starting his collegiate career at UMKC, where he played for one year, Conner went on to play at Creighton as a junior and senior. In 2015, Sparrow averaged 0.82 goals against per game, and in 2014, he averaged 0.49 per game. Even allowing for the level of competition these are sufficient to show that Sparrow understands the position.

Why you should be excited

In a position that sees little to no substitution during matches, Conner needs to be able to step up at a minutes notice and be psychologically ready for each match even if he never sees the field. The fact that he returns to the Monarchs for the 2017 season would indicate that he is able to maintain his conditioning and mental attitude across the longer USL seasons.

With Nick looking to be away from RSL due to callups with the MNT, Lalo will be spending more time with the first team leaving room for Conner to make a challenge for more playing time in his second season with the Monarchs.

Predictions for 2017

  • Conner will double his 2016 starts with at least 4 during the 2017 season.
  • Sparrow will lower his 3.00 goals against average in have to below 1.50 during his appearances this year.
  • Conner will more than triple his 3 saves in 2016 and have double digits saves.