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Velasquez, Hoffman respond to CBA age rules

The two goal-scorers are disappointed at not being able to represent their parent club.

Sebastian Velasquez is shown a yellow card for Real Monarchs. John Engels

Real Monarchs’ Chandler Hoffman and Sebastian Velasquez have spoken out about their not being involved in the US Open Cup for Real Salt Lake because of MLS Collective Bargaining Agreement rules.

It should come as no surprise that neither player is happy. They can’t be involved simply because they’re 26, passing the 25-year-old mark set out in the CBA for players brought up to an MLS team on short-term agreements.

“We want to play against the best of the best and fight for championships,” Velasquez said.

“Feeling really hard done and disappointed by the age rule,” Hoffman said.

Velasquez’s statement

This is a personal opinion apart from the Real Monarchs/RSL organization but I think it's ridiculous that Chandler and I cannot play in the US Open Cup or Manchester United game. We come in everyday as professional soccer players to give our best abilities to become successful in our careers. Our level has shown on our team's success and as individuals players but to not be able to play because of our age is absurd. If we are USL/MLS affiliated team to put ourselves in a position to showcase our abilities to move up to the first team and rules like these keep players reaching their potential because like another other soccer, young or older, we want to play against the best of the best and fight for championships! Hope there's a change in the future but I've always said, soccer doesn't lie! If you can play, no matter what your age is, then you should be on the field. Simple as that