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Real Monarchs coach Mark Briggs resigns following dropped charges

A club press release announced the news.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Real Monarchs coach Mark Briggs has resigned from the club, according to a press release from the club.

His resignation comes a day after four charges in a legal suit against Briggs were dropped. Briggs was suspended following the announcement of those charges on May 29.

Jamison Olave, an assistant with Real Monarchs and a former Real Salt Lake player, has been serving as interim coach and will remain as interim coach through 2018.

RSL Communications offered the following press release:

Mark Briggs resigned from his role with Real Monarchs SLC and Real Salt Lake today. We thank him for his service to our Club and wish him well.

Former RSL defender Jamison Olave, an assistant with the Monarchs since February 2017, has served as the USL side’s interim head coach recently and will remain as the interim head coach through the remainder of the season.

The Club will make no further comment on this matter.