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Getting to know the RSL-AZ Academy: Travel to the Dallas Cup

Real Salt Lake's academy setup is well-regarded, and with good reason. They've been consistently near the top of their regional rankings and have worked with a number of top-rated youth prospects.

As an example of the sort of players that could come out of the academy, Carlos Salcedo, who has impressed enough to see bench minutes very early on in his RSL senior career. We can also look at other players who have made the first-team, although there still are none to have seen minutes thus far. Lalo Fernandez, Nico Muniz, Donny Toia — they've all signed professional contracts.

There's clearly a long way to go yet, and there are some exciting prospects that will come through the college ranks. Not every player who graduates from the academy will be a spectacular player, and not every player who signs with the first-team will make it. It's the nature of the game.

At any rate, those prospects coming out of the academy are clearly very good, and we really don't know much about them. Grande Sports Academy has produced a few videos that should help. These two focus on their first two days at the Dallas Cup.