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Carlos Salcedo rumored for Mexico U-21 call-up in Central American and Caribbean Games

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Salcedo could be set for a playoff-time departure with the Mexican Under-21 national team for the Central American and Caribbean Games, according to Tom Marshall, a reporter focusing on Mexican soccer.

The young center back, who has been deputizing for Chris Schuler, whose injuresome collision with Nat Borchers is well-known by now, could miss significant playoff time for the club, should his selection be confirmed.

The games run from Nov. 14 to Nov. 30, which would rule him out for the Western Conference finals. It's not immediately clear if he'd miss the Nov. 9 match against LA Galaxy, and there is no guarantee that he'd miss any time at all, with RSL having a two-legged affair with the Galaxy to contend with before worrying about the conference finals.

Salcedo has been involved recently with Mexican youth setups, and while the tournament does allow for three players born before 1993.