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Kyle Beckerman vital in US win over Ghana: Public opinion strongly in his favor

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

We could talk all day about Kyle Beckerman's influence last night against Ghana, and to be honest, we probably will.

The midfield general put in as good a shift as he has with the United States, and what a game to reach such heights: A difficult match against Ghaha, our bitter foes; the opener of a tough group stage; a step in the right direction on the right foot.

So while we could talk all day about it, let's take a look at what other people are saying about our captain after that win.

Opinions of the dreadlocked man have certainly shifted since he was first called in to Jurgen Klinsmann's first camps as a coach, He's gone from someone most failed to understand to a national treasure - the keystone in our formational approach and defensive underpinnings.

The Guardian: And when you look at the centre of that midfield it was Kyle Beckerman, not Bradley, who caught the eye as he patrolled the area in front of defence, shoring up gaps, tackling repeatedly and maintaining concentration and composure over a tense 90 minutes.

Metro: Dreadlocked midfielder Kyle Beckerman gave one of the midfield performances of the tournament, breaking up play superbly, covering an unbelievable amount of ground and helping shield an inexperienced defense.

The Shin Guardian's player ratings: Beckerman stepped up big time in the first game of the World Cup, and it showed he really belonged. He gets a 14 because I'm pretty confident his hair as at least that many dreads of doom.

Salt Lake Tribune: Sitting in front of the back line in Klinsmann's formation, Beckerman was able to make timely tackles in and around the box and was composed on the ball going forward.

USA Today: There simply aren't enough words that can be written about the performance of Kyle Beckerman and Jermaine Jones. I'll sum both up in two: Heroic. Dreadlocks.

MLS Soccer: Beckerman repeatedly made plays around the US box, from big interceptions to cool pressure valve passes. His importance was elevated with Bradley struggling in front of him and the team allergic to possession.