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Soapbox Oracle Predictions

Soapbox Oracle - 2022 Season Final

Dave Cheever is the 2022 Soapbox Oracle!

Grab Bag: Projected points and Oracle standings

RSL has reached the half-way point of the season!

Soapbox Oracle - 2022 Season Predictions

The countdown to first kick has begun. Time to predict the 2022 season!

Soapbox Oracle - 2021 FINAL TOTALS!!

Game Over man! Thanks to everyone who participated,

Soapbox Oracle - 2021 Season Predictions

It’s the oracle, but not as you knew it... Predict the 2021 season.

Soapbox 2020 Predictions - How did we do?

Nearly all of our picks didn’t turn out as expected...

Soapbox Oracle - Week 17

The Oracle of the Week is Takeyabue!

Soapbox Oracle - Week 16

The Oracle of the Week is Zzyzx!

Soapbox Oracle - Week 15 (Now with NWSL)!

The Oracle of the Week is Zzyzx!

Soapbox Oracle - Week 14

The Oracle of the Week is a newcomer - RSLfan4ever who ran away with the win!

Soapbox Oracle - Week 13

The Oracle of the Week is Takeyabue! Games every day M-W this week so get your picks in.

Soapbox Oracle - Week 4 or 12 (who knows)

The Oracle of the Week is Jared Nethery

Soapbox Oracle - MLS Continues!

MLS regular season returns!

Soapbox Oracle - Tournament Finale

Final Oracle picks before hiatus. Zzyzx is this week’s winner!

Soapbox Oracle - Tournament Wk 6

Tournament Week 5 ends, MLS knockout rounds continue.

Soapbox Oracle - Tournament Wk 5

Tournament Week 4 ends. Knockout rounds start for MLS!

Soapbox Oracle - Tournament Wk 4

Tournament Week 4 begins. Group stage almost over!

Soapbox Oracle - Tournament Wk 3

Tournament Week 3 point update.

Soapbox Oracle - Tournament Wk 2

NWSL tournament Week 2 results, MLS starts Wednesday.

Soapbox Oracle - Tournament Wk 1 done

Wk 1 of the NWSL tournament ends; MLS is poised to start.

Soapbox Oracle - Take 2 due to change

One team dropped out of the NWSL tournament, this calls for a repick!

Soapbox Oracle - 6/17/20

Soccer is back with two tournaments coming up!

Soapbox Oracle - 3/9/20

Two weeks done, and a double Oracle winner - Carverb11 and Jared Nethery tie.

Soapbox Oracle - 3/2/20

Week 1 in the books, and NSchneebly hits the pitch running!

Soapbox Oracle 2020

It’s time to start predicting again!

Soapbox Roundtable - 2020 Predictions

Here’s our predictions for this season, what are yours?

Soapbox Oracle - Final 2019 Season

Soapbox Oracle - 11/10/19

Jared Nethery wins for the 2nd time

Soapbox Oracle - 11/3/19

MeganRSL wins her 2nd Oracle!

Soapbox Oracle - 10/27/19

NOFC earns another Oracle win!

Soapbox Oracle - 10-21-19

Jared Nethery earns first win!

Soapbox Oracle - 10-13-19

Takeyabue rides the bonus points to another win!


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