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Stream and Match Thread: RSL v. New England Revolution, Desert Diamond Cup

RSL is taking on the ever-rotating cast of characters that is the New England Revolution shortly. Stream here or on

Read the RSL Soapbox match preview

Starting lineup

Saunders, Balchan, Maund, Salcedo, Palmer; Alvarez, Grossman, Martinez, Velasquez; Sandoval, Viana

Things to note

Josh Saunders, who is tipped to sign with RSL soon, gets the start.

Rich Balchan, former Columbus Crew full back, starts as well. He's on trial — whether he signs or not is difficult to say.

The Carlos Salcedo-Aaron Maund connection continues; those two will likely be forming a Reserve League partnership this year.

David Viana starts up top alongside newly signed Devon Sandoval; Viana's previously come on in matches as a forward, but if memory serves, this is his first start there.

Enzo Martinez will see time on the outside of the diamond, showing that vaunted flexibility in his play that leads to much praise from the coaching staff.

Finally, Sebastian Velasquez starts at the top of the diamond. It should, at the very least, be an interesting affair.