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Player Ratings: RSL 0-1 Colorado Rapids (Desert Diamond Cup)

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando: 6- Didn't have much to do in the 60 minutes that he played in the match. He did spill one long range shot but jumped on the rebound quickly before any Rapids players could reach the ball.

Tony Beltran: 6.5- Beltran was very active in the attack during the first half of play. He made many darting runs down the side and put himself in dangerous attacking positions.

Chris Schuler: 6- Schuler was dominate in the air on the defensive side of the ball. His distribution still seemed in preseason form with one pass in particular that was dangerously close to being intercepted for a Colorado breakaway.

Carlos Salcedo: 6- Salcedo was decent as a whole with a couple of standout plays that stopped Colorado attacks. He still does make some mistakes that could be cleaned up.

Chris Wingert: 5.5- Wingert didn't make much of an impression on this match. That is not a bad thing for an outside back. He stayed back most of the time on the offensive side of the ball with Beltran being the one to go forward.

Kyle Beckerman: 6.5- Beckerman had a solid all-around game. He was good on the defensive side of the ball and set up Morales for one of RSL's best scoring chances in the match.

Ned Grabavoy: 5.5- Grabavoy never truly got into the flow of the game. It seemed like Colorado was playing physical with him whenever he touched the ball and he was never truly able to overcome that. He did send in a solid cross that Velasquez was unable to get on frame.

Sebastian Velasquez: 6- Velasquez had a pretty good game. He was active in the attack and actually played some pretty good defense. He still needs to work on his finishing. He had one of the best chances for a goal in the game and, although under pressure, did push the ball wide. If the ball was on frame it probably would have been a goal.

Javier Morales: 6.5- Morales had a pretty good game pulling the strings in the RSL midfield. He looked in regular season form with some sharp passes. He also had the best chance for a goal forcing the Colorado keeper to make a good save to keep the ball from hitting the back of the net.

Joao Plata: 6- Plata got himself into a couple dangerous positions early in the first half but was unable to do anything with them. He somewhat disappeared later in the first half.

Alvaro Saborio: 6- After fighting some injuries early in the preseason it was good to see Saborio on the pitch. He had some good attacking moments with Plata but like his strike partner somewhat disappeared later in the half.

Second group

Lalo Fernandez: 5.5- He did give up the lone goal in the match but was put into a bad situation by the defensive breakdown on the back line. He didn't have much to do after the goal.

Abdoulie Mansally: 6.5- Mansally's speed seemed to bother Colorado as he got forward into the attack. He did well to get back on one play to stop a potential Rapids attack.

Aaron Maund: 4.5- Maund could have done better picking up Brown on the goal as Brown split Borchers and Maund. There were a couple of other plays that he struggled with as well and needed the help of the rest of the back line to clear the danger.

Nat Borchers: 4- Nat had a poor game. Almost immediately after coming into the match he slipped on a play that led to a good chance by Colorado. He mistimed his jump on the ball into Brown that led to the goal. Both of these were uncharacteristic mistakes by Borchers.

Rich Balchan: 7- Balchan had a very good match. He stopped a couple of one on one chances for the Rapids and helped clear out mistakes by others on the back line. He did slip up once but quickly recovered to stop any chance on goal.

Cole Grossman: 5.5- Grossman did not have much effect on the match. He was solid on the defensive side of the ball but did not do much to get into the attack.

John Stertzer: 5.5- Like Grossman he did not have much effect on the match. He was active in the midfield and seemed to play decent defense.

Luke Mulholland: 7.5- Mulholland was my surprise of the match. He was very active in the midfield and had one of the best chances on goal. His passing was very good and he did pretty well with the set piece opportunities that he had.

Dylan Mares: 4.5- Mares is a trialist with the team and came on to play the attacking midfield role. He really didn't have any effect on the game at all. He was very much overshadowed by Mulholland.

Olmes Garcia: 6- Garcia was active on the field but didn't really have any good chances on goal. His speed was providing some problems to the Colorado defense.

Devon Sandoval: 5.5- Sandoval had somewhat of a disappointing match. He really did not get involved as much as I would have expected from him. While he didn't do anything wrong, he really didn't to anything right either.