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Player Ratings: RSL 3-1 FC Tucson (Desert Diamond Cup)

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Attinella: 5.5 - Light work for Attinella against Tucson. He had hardly a touch on the ball in the first half, but as RSL changed up personnel, he saw much more action in the second. The goal was hardly his fault, and he denied chances on a couple crosses. He deserves more than an even rating of 5.0 simply because he did so well on the small things.

Rich Balchan: 6.0 - While not the monster he was during the Colorado game, Balchan put in a solid 45 minutes before being subbed off for Ryan Neil to start the second half. His service from the right flank was on the mark, whether it was a lofted cross, a penetrating diagonal ball on the floor, or a long pass down the line.

Aaron Maund: 5.0 - He was lethal in the air for a full 90 minutes, both defensively and offensively. Unfortunately, his defensive positioning left a lot to be desired. Maund was pulled forward when the RSL lines were under pressure, and that left both his center back partners throughout the match either exposed or forced to clean up a mess. His header goal off the Luke Mulholland free kick was the only thing that bumped his rating, but even that was more about the delightful service on the set piece than Maund's aerial finishing abilities.

Chris Schuler: 5.5 - Largely quiet, Schuler did what he needed to do being partnered with a more inexperienced defender -- he cleaned up and ran damage control in the few times he was needed. He was not an offensive threat on place kicks like we've seen before, and you'd be led to think it was the result of compensating for Maund's getting forward in those moments. Still, he put in a decent showing and helped pitch the first half shutout.

Abdoulie Mansally: 5.5 - Mansally clearly looks like he's out to prove himself this preseason. We all knew he had the speed to be effective in the overlap down the flank, but his technical and passing abilities have been in question since he joined the club. Both the game against the Rapids and the one against FC Tucson, Mansally was great in his two-way play, remembering to track back after his runs and making a couple decisive defensive plays in the first half. Offensively, he found himself in positions to provide service after beating a defender one-on-one, but that service was usually not up to par.

Cole Grossman: 6.0 - Playing the central defensive midfield position, Grossman did about as well as you could expect. He managed several key break up plays during his 76 minutes. We saw Kyle Beckerman in a more reserved holding role against Colorado, and that left an impression we'd be seeing the d-mid hold back more in the attack. But Grossman was supporting directly, even getting off a side volley shot in the box in the first half. It's more proof that the supporting defensive elements are more selective in how they push forward under Jeff Cassar.

Luke Mulholland: 7.5 - The newcomer had another stellar game. Again on the right side of the diamond, Mulholland was the set piece maestro until he was relieved in the 63rd minute. On two of those free kicks, they were turned into assists as both Saborio and Maund hit the back of net. His vision for picking out dangerous areas for service rivals that of Javier Morales. He's also tenacious in his work in the middle of the pitch. Winning balls, staying calm under pressure, and distributing forward in ways that almost always advance the attack, Mulholland is proving he's worth the contract and should factor in decisively throughout the season.

John Stertzer: 5.0 - He was quiet most of the match, and faded in and out of plays throughout. While he did his business on the left side by scrumming for balls and committing to defense where needed, nothing really stood out to me as noteworthy.

Jordan Allen: 6.5 - The kid was everywhere! Allen showed he can play with the big boys, and at the point of the midfield to boot. Playing a non-typical #10 role, Allen made himself felt by Tucson's defense across the full width of the pitch. He tracked back to apply back pressure when RSL was without the ball, and he routinely switched the point of attack himself when he carried the ball into the attacking third. Although he had a few looks at goal, they were either saved by a rather spectacular performance by the FCT goalkeeper, or were off target. Allen is a force in any position, and it's for this reason that he'll be such a valuable asset to the club in 2014.

Alvaro Saborio: 6.0 - He had a brace. He had several quality shots on frame. And he also had a botched sitter in the second half off of a brilliant low cross from Justen Glad. If not for that miss, Sabo would've rated higher. He's still a clinical finisher in the box, and he made that known to the fourth division team he abused all night.

Olmes Garcia: 5.0 - Another quiet player on the field, Garcia showed well with his runs and made himself available when needed, but he was over-shadowed by Saborio's play and the offensive support of the midfield too much to be noticed. No worries with this performance, though; Garcia will be dependable and a bit more attention-worthy come the regular season.

Ryan Neil: 5.0 - Coming on for the second half for Balchan as a right back, Neil's rating suffered just because Tucson failed to attack consistently down his side. Yet he did nothing to bring his play into question either. One thing I have noticed is how he attempts to open up as the team is working out of the back. He's not like Tony Beltran who spreads wide looking for a pass. Instead Neil pushes forward and a bit center more. At times it gives an option; at others it requires him to pull back and reset because of the traffic he puts himself into. Overall, an average showing, especially following up the act of Balchan.

Dylan Mares: 5.0 - Mares has a quality work rate in the midfield, and he's solid in possession. He finds space to receive the ball, and he works hard to distribute at opportune times. Against Colorado we saw him at the top of the diamond, which was a mixed bag for the youngster. Versus Tucson he was on the right in place of Mulholland. His workmanship is probably better utilized on the side, but I question what he brings to the team that isn't there already. Players like Ned GrabavoyLuis GilSebastian Velasquez, and now Mulholland offer much more in the way of creativity while still having the tenacity to win balls in the center third. But this is why he's only a trialist. Hard to see him sticking after the DDC tournament.

Benji Lopez: 5.0 - Lopez came on for Garcia midway through the second, but never really showed much. His one contribution was for nought -- a lofted forward pass in the path of Saborio, who failed to make the actual run as he maybe should have. Otherwise, a very quiet night for the young homegrown.

Kwame Watson-Siriboe: 5.5 - Making his debut of the preseason after offseason surgery, Kwame's game was mediocre. He broke up a couple plays to contain Tucson's attack, but again another quiet player. It's a great step in the right direction for him, though, as his nagging injuries have kept him out of the line-up for some time. We should see him as a regular bench option this season.

Justen Glad: 6.0 - The 16-year-old has been in camp with the first team since late January, but you'd never guess he was that young nor been outside the academy for that short amount of time. He looked very comfortable playing against guys 10 years his senior. His overlapping runs were usually finished with quality crosses into the box, and he always made the necessary track-back to cover his first duty as a defender. Glad's a great example of why the future of RSL is so bright.

Joey Dillon: 5.0 - Dillon was in a reserved capacity compared with Grossman, whom he replaced in the second half. His time was limited as a late sub, and I suppose he made the necessary plays to keep Tucson's attack in check as the hosts kicked it up a notch to end the game. Nothing really stuck out about his play, however, and that isn't necessarily a good thing as the draftee is still looking for a contract to sign with the club.