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2013 Goalkeeper of the Year: Nick Rimando the obvious pick

The end of the regular season brings with it an opportunity to reflect on what we've seen over 34 games spanning March to October. RSL Soapbox contributors bring you our picks for the best players this season, starting with our best goalkeeper this year. Any surprises who it is?


Charles Barnard: Nick Rimando. No doubt about this award. But I do want to give a shout out to both backup keepers for RSL. Josh Saunders played really well before getting hurt and Jeff Attinella played great coming in after Saunders went down. RSL perhaps had the deepest group of goalkeepers in the league.

Chad Loveland: Nick Rimando. What can you say about Nick Rimando that hasn't been said? For my money this is easily the very best season we've ever seen in goal, and that is recognizing he once had a year we set the MLS record for fewest goals allowed. Here's the most important stat, he leads the GKs in the league in win percentage when he plays. The wall of the Wasatch. Our Homeboy.

Matt Montgomery: Nick Rimando. There was no other choice for goalkeeper of the year: Nick Rimando is as good as they come in MLS. He is rightly in the discussion for goalkeeper of the year. We can talk about his saves all day long, and we do, but as vital is his ability on set-pieces - when he comes out for the ball, he gets the ball, no questions asked.

Randal Serr: Nick Rimando. Clearly, Nick Rimando has been the best keeper for Real Salt Lake. He just happens to have been the best keeper in MLS this season as well. Typically I would recognize bias in my high opinions of RSL players, but Rimando truly has had the best season of his career.

Join the discussion! Share your pick for goalkeeper of the year and why it's Nick Rimando — or add your favorite moment of save.

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