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Stats at a Glance: Morales shines in RSL's painful loss to Montreal Impact


Javier Morales had a strong match against Montreal Impact despite RSL's loss — but it's sometimes difficult to quantify that. In an effort to do just that, I've drilled into Javi's stats and tried to break down what he did well.

Morales was the player most involved in RSL's passing on Saturday. Passes: 55/68 (81%)

He also led RSL in key passes — not an unusual mark. Key passes: 6

The overwhelming majority of his passes were, as ever, in the attacking half — 76 percent of them. Passes in the attacking half: 41/52 (79%)

He was RSL's most involved midfielder in the second half, and he dictated play. Passes in the second half: 33/43, 3 key (77%) Passes by other midfielders in the second half: Beckerman, 31/35, 1 key (89%); Grabavoy, 19/19, 3 key (100%); Velasquez, 8/9 (89%); Stephenson, 4/8, 1 key (50%)

He also spreads play to players in good shooting positions very well. Players shooting after a Morales key pass: Garcia (18'), Sandoval (24'), Beckerman (20', 48'), Plata (85'), Schuler (89') He got on the end of some shots himself, too. Shots: 3 (one blocked, one on-target, one off-target)

While RSL sometimes struggles with crossing, Morales thrived. Crossing: 5/9 (55%)

Of course, he was involved defensively, too. Tackles: 2/3

And as ever, he's always in a position to pick up the ball when either side loses possession. Recoveries: 7

Still, it's important to remember that he does, at times, lose the ball. Dribbles and take-ons: 1/7 Dispossessed in defending half: 4