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The Salt

The Salt

The Salt is a recurring column focused on opinion and analysis on the latest Real Salt Lake news from RSL Soapbox managing editor Matt Montgomery.

The Salt: Evaluating RSL’s 2022 roster so far

Is RSL better or worse off?

The Salt: Five reasons I’m excited for 2022

We’re just cresting a hill, and the view is great.

The Salt: Genuine excitement ahead of RSL vs. Portland

I’ve got a new attitude.

The Salt: Shift the narrative from “the doubters,” RSL overcame 2021

Let’s recognize that there were real struggles for RSL.

The Salt: Chaos reigns at RSL with Juarez exit, as usual

Have we lost anything now, or did we lose it a long time ago?

The Salt: Same as it ever was at 2021 mid-point

It’s been quite a year.

The Salt: In praise of Damir Kreilach

Damir Kreilach continues his goalscoring ways — but when can we call him an all-time great?

The Salt: Parsing RSL’s additions and roster changes

Bobby Wood. Jony Menendez. Toni Datkovic. With three big additions, how will RSL adjust their roster?

The Salt: Super League? Who cares — RSL is back

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen RSL play, but European soccer keeps stealing our attention.

The Salt: Why I hate MLS’s arbitrary preseason streaming rules

It’s almost like MLS hates fans.

The Salt: Optimism amid uncertainty

Real Salt Lake is moving forward, but forgive us if we’re all a little exhausted.

The Salt: 2020 should have been the year of Corey Baird

It could have been a brilliant career. And maybe it still can be, just not here.

The Salt: Understanding Real Salt Lake in 2021

It feels a bit like we’re in the middle of a blizzard, despite unseasonal temperatures in Salt Lake.

The Salt: Beckerman’s retirement and the end of an era

Beckerman’s retirement ends the on-field career of a club-defining player.

The Salt: Happy Thanksgiving

It’s been a long year for all of us.

The Salt: Reasons and Excuses

The Salt: It’s darkest before the sun rises

We’re pretty sure they’re all wrong.

The Salt: The 18-month windstorm

Despite efforts to the contrary, it appears the worst is over for Real Salt Lake.

The Salt: Dell Loy Hansen must go

There is no other option.

The Salt: We’ve never seen soccer like this

MLS is Back — and here’s what we can expect, and some questions we should be asking.

Victory Gold: Real Salt Lake’s worst jersey?

Let’s get nostalgic for something most people think is bad.

The Salt: There’s something on RSL’s wing

For 63 minutes, RSL was stuck in ... The Twilight Zone.

The Salt: RSL and Savarino, when the walls fell

Fall and Juarez at Tanagra.

The Salt: Is RSL’s roster nearly complete?

It’s finally time to start digging in deep on the roster.

The Salt: Signings, kit leaks, and roster-building

Does RSL need to sign players today, or can they wait?

The Salt: Happy Thanksgiving

The Salt: Jason Kreis and radio silence

Let’s talk about some possibilities.

The Salt: Welcome to the offseason

Come have a seat. We’ll be right with you.

The Salt: Does RSL have a golden opportunity vs. Seattle?

Looking at Seattle’s win over Dallas might give us some clues.

The Salt: What should RSL expect against Portland Timbers?

It’s time for some knockout action.

The Salt: Is Damir Kreilach a false nine?

I don’t actually think he is.

The Salt: Mike Petke has tarnished Real Salt Lake

There are no more excuses.