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Utah Royals FC sign Desiree Scott, Canadian international

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The two-time Olympic bronze medalist committed to Utah Royals.

Soccer: International Friendly Women's Soccer-Canada at USA Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought the Utah Royals FC roster couldn’t get any more firepower, this morning it was announced that Canadian international midfielder Desiree Scott would officially be moving to Utah from FC Kansas City.

When asked about the move in a club-issued press release, Scott said, “I am very excited about the new adventure with the Utah Royals.”

Scott has 129 caps with the Canadian National Team and has won two Olympic Bronze medals with them. In addition, she’s won the Cyprus Women’s Cup, gold in CONCACAF, and the Pan-American Championship in her 12 year career.

Scott, 30, is from Manitoba, Winnipeg and played as a midfielder in her past seasons. She went to college at the University of Manitoba where she also did some coaching following her playing days. She has done quite a bit of coaching, as well as helping run many youth camps in Canada.

Her addition to the roster will be massive. A veteran with a lot of experience in addition to all around being incredibly talented, Utah Royals fans should be getting excited about the form our roster is in. With our midfield currently including Taylor Lytle and Gunnhildur Jónsdóttir, there’s sure to be a strong offensive push in this inaugural season. Scott is known for her physical presence, being nicknamed “The Destroyer” by some fans, and will add a lot of physicality into the Royals game.

Scott is one of the former FC Kansas City players who confirmed they will be moving to Utah from the former NWSL club. Since the rights of FC Kansas City players are all owned by the Utah Royals, we may see more moves similar to this one of players from Kansas moving to Utah.

When asked about the 2018 season in the release, she said she was, “(E)xcited to get to work with all of my teammates for the 2018 season!”

Scott will be an incredible addition to this club, her mentality and physicality are something special that Utah Royals fans will be fortunate enough to get to watch this season.