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With jersey reveal, Utah Royals FC aim to become leaders in women’s professional soccer

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The Royals announced the most lucrative deal in American women’s soccer history for a soccer jersey sponsor.

Courtesy of Utah Royals FC

The announcement was more about the deal than the jerseys themselves. The Utah Royals’ away Nike jersey, a clean white secondary design with the club’s “Lioness” shield over the heart, was revealed to feature its new sponsor on the front of the jersey.

Conservice, “The Utility Experts TM,” the Logan, Utah-based company will display its corporate branding on both the front and back of the Royals’ jerseys through 2020.

“This three-year commitment by Conservice represents the most lucrative jersey-front deal in American women’s soccer history,” said Utah Royals FC Owner Dell Loy Hansen.

The deal is worth around $2 million for the next three years, forming a partnership with Conservice and putting the Royals on the map as one of the leaders in women’s soccer.

New to the Women’s Game, but Already Leading the Way

Since the beginning, when Real Salt Lake owner Dell Loy Hansen and the NWSL announced that women’s professional soccer was coming to Utah, RSL began a commitment to the women’s game.

At the press conference back in November, Hansen said that the women’s team would be treated better than the men’s with their own locker room, access to facilities, and play their home games at Rio Tinto Stadium. The statement was significant because it went beyond the equality expectations. For long, women professional athletes have been on the front lines to gain equality with their male counterparts - such as the U.S. Women’s National Team who have asked the U.S. Soccer Federation for “equal play, equal pay” with the Men’s National Team.

RSL ownership has already shown that bringing on a women’s team is more than simply having a women’s team attached to the men’s side. It’s a dedication to grow the women’s game, and the lucrative deal with Conservice continues that commitment. It’s evident that the RSL ownership want to be leaders in the women’s professional landscape, setting a precedent.

So even though the white away jerseys are a simple look, the Conservice name on the front of those jerseys shows that RSL values its newest team.

The “Victory Gold” primary jerseys are yet to be unveiled and will be available mid-March.