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Royals FC Show (12): Interview with URFC midfielder Taylor Lytle

Taylor Lytle
Roscoe Myrick

Hey, everybody! We got a special episode of the Royals FC Show. Before the Portland game, I had the cool chance to chat with Utah Royals midfielder Taylor Lytle, one of the first players to come to Utah via a trade last December.

In our chat, featured on the latest Royals FC Show, we hear about how Lytle got into soccer, the NWSL as a league, her time with Sky Blue FC, coming to Utah, and playing for a new organization like the Royals and with Laura Harvey as her head coach.

I also asked her what has been challenging about being a sub this season and having limited playing time as opposed to her time with Sky Blue where she was a starter, and how, as an athlete, did she approach that going into practice every day and how she contributes to the team.

We also realize that our hometowns are 45 minutes away from each other in the good ol’ Southwest, which is pretty sweet!

Towards the end, we break away from the traditional questions to learn about Lytle’s favorite soccer team, favorite player growing up, the best part about her home state, funniest player on the team, and how team chemistry in #URFC is growing each game.

And in case you missed it, check out my awesome journalism piece on Taylor Lytle that was published this week here on the Soapbox.

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