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URFC Show (69) : Drawing thorns to lose courage


Lucas Muller

We had a great episode last week. Unfortunately, technical problems are going to be technical problems. We talked about a lot, and so we try to recap as much as we can as quickly as possible. On the plus side, this may be our most ridiculous episode ever.

Utah Royals Reserves wrapped up their first season in a championship game in extra time, a massive accomplishment for Amy LePeilbet and her team. While in the meantime, World Cup winners Sauerbrunn, O’Hara and Press got the keys to the city from Mayor Jackie Biskupski.

The game against Portland was a heck of a time. Sinclair opened up scoring early with an incredibly goal. Christen Press followed right before halftime with an equally impressive goal, and then the final minutes of play saw an own goal from Becky Sauerbrunn and then an equalizer for Rachel Corsie. Two centerback goals in the span of minutes - how about that, huh?

This week saw the Royals take on the NC Courage, and it was.... mostly more of the same, a strong start, an uninspiring middle of the game, and a good closing. Some people have even started calling for Harvey’s head, but we don’t think so. Stay tuned for a bunch of tangents.