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NFL star JJ Watt throws hat in for Utah Royals ownership

It’s just a two-word tweet, but it’s also very exciting.

NFL: Houston Texans-Minicamp Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

With Dell Loy Hansen selling Real Salt Lake and Utah Royals FC after a myriad of self-induced controversies, the number of people who have come forward expressing interest in joining a new ownership group has exploded.

From the outset, Jozy Altidore and Nick Rimando expressed interest. From there, Ryan Smith, CEO and co-founder of Utah tech Qualtrics (which sold in a massive $8 billion cash deal) made it clear that he could be interested, too.

Now, JJ Watt, who I understand is a fairly prominent NFL player with the Houston Texans, has thrown his name into consideration. Watt is married to U.S. international and Utah-born Kealia Watt, who currently plays for the Chicago Red Stars.

It’s an interesting thought, and one would imagine he’s good for the money. He also has both Utah and NWSL ties. It’s unclear whether he’d be interested in owning a part of a larger organization that encompassed multiple teams, but let’s be honest: It’s just two words, and how much are we supposed to figure out from just two words? Anyway, crazy times we’re in!

Update: He said more, and he’s very clear about it. Also, Twitter is just the worst. (And the best, because how else are we supposed to get crazy news like this?)