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Saborio at 50: Watch all of the striker's debut RSL season goals

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Gail Oskin

Alvaro Saborio hit 50 — regular season goals for Real Salt Lake, that is. He joined Real Salt Lake in 2010, and in short order, he went about with his goalscoring ways. His first season saw him grab 12 of those: Today, we take a look at each of those.

1. April 10: RSL 2-2 Seattle Sounders

Throughout the 2010 (regular) season, we were by and large unstoppable. This goal helped establish that early on: A late headed equalizer from the newly signed striker at Rio Tinto to establish "The Fortress" early on. Oh, and it's against Seattle, so that's always fun.

2. May 8: RSL 3-0 Philadelphia Union

Not only did his good work help set up the first goal, but his headed goal for the third was a thing of beauty. He held play up superbly, laid the ball off to the flank, and made a brilliant run to work the defense to a pulp. He scores goals like this with some frequency.

3, 4. May 13: RSL 3-1 Houston Dynamo

This is Saborio's first multi-goal game for Real Salt Lake, and he starts it off with a fine but perhaps slightly lucky strike from just inside the area. How exactly he kept his shot composed under the pressure from a defender is difficult to say.

Here, he's bested the defense for the second, with his run hardly being followed. Given he was new to the league, Houston has the slight excuse of not knowing exactly how fantastic Saborio with his head, and they can also point to Javi's free kick as especially spectacular. A fine, fine goal if there ever was one.

5. May 29: RSL 4-1 Kansas City Wizards

A far post cross from Fabian Espindola, having just been sprung by Javier Morales, put Kansas City Wizards down 2-0. Great counterattacking play from this RSL side. Apologies for no video, but let this GIF fill your needs.

6, 7. July 2: RSL 5-0 New England Revolution

Again, here's a GIF, as I couldn't find video of this outside of MLS Live. The cross simply lands right at Saborio's feet, and the finish, while unconventional, gets the job done.

Remember that fantastic heel-flick goal Alvaro Saborio scored in the 2011 playoffs? Well, this one's not much different. Javier Morales sends it in superbly, Saborio finishes even better.

8. July 31: RSL 3-0 DC United

Ned Grabavoy holds the ball up on the edge of the box before releasing Saborio inside the box, who finishes low with the ball beating the keeper through his own legs. Wait, was this 2010 or 2013?

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9. Sept. 18: RSL 1-0 Chicago Fire

Ned Grabavoy is pulled down for a penalty, Saborio converts it to his left. Fantastic take.

10. Oct. 2: New England 1-2 RSL

It took until October, but Alvaro Saborio wasn't without a road goal in 2010. A corner's flighted in, Saborio finishes. Gotta love it.

11, 12. Oct. 23: Colorado 2-2 RSL

With RSL trailing 2-0 in the 90th minute, Alvaro Saborio scored the first goal in a late, late comeback when that man we love to hate, Matt Pickens, dallied on the ball and Saborio made a vital interception. When most players would have given up, he did this. And when Pickens fell into his own net, he finished without hesitation.

Moments later he scored the second goal: a penalty kick after a player was fouled on the corner. Hard not to love his impact here. This was a big, big goal, and he was superb.