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Saborio at 50: 11 goals from 2011 showcase striker's variety in skill

Victor Decolongon

We continue the series from yesterday where we take a look at each of Alvaro Saborio's (first) 50 MLS regular season goals. Up today: 2011.

13, 14. June 25: RSL 3-1 TOR

A simple tap-in with a fortunate deflection or two, but Saborio here shows his predatory nature. Good word, that makes him sound like some sort of dinosaur. The way he beats Eckersley to the ball is particularly great.

Robbie Russell (oh, I miss him!) sends in a fantastic ball over the top; Saborio's first touch takes him past the defender and in a perfect spot for an easy finish. They don't get better than this. Or maybe they do, but don't let that take away from this one, because it's a top, top goal.

15. July 4: RSL 3-3 NE

You know, Alvaro Saborio is pretty good at these penalty kicks. This one's neat and to his right side.

16, 17. July 23: RSL 4-0 SJ

Saborio goes down in the box too easily but wins the penalty anyway - this one came with a bit of controversy, as he was suspended for a match after the fact. Has there been a suspension for diving since? It's difficult to recall one. Anyway, this penalty take is low and to the left corner.

This second goal is a great poached goal; Ned Grabavoy takes a dipping shot that Jon Busch can only rebound, and Saborio finishes that one neatly and easily.

18. Aug. 6: RSL 3-0 NY

This was the best I could find from this one, but it's not so bad. Fan videos are fun, right? This penalty take is low and to his right side, with Bouna Coundoul maybe getting a hand to it.

19. Aug. 27: CHV 0-1 RSL

Saborio takes advantage of a poor back pass, bad positioning, and an indecisive Dan Kennedy. Great finish and - what's that? Great work rate. A perfect goal to show if anybody questions it - although there are plenty more to be seen in the coming days.

20. Sept. 10: SEA 1-2 RSL

If you need to demonstrate Saborio's stick-with-itness, this is a great one to show doubters. First, he receives the ball in a good position, then he recovers from a poor shot and capitalizes on poor defending. Not a bad shot when he finally gets a clean one off, either.

21. Sept. 21: NY 1-3 RSL

Ooh, a neat headed goal. Look at that! How he keeps that on target is beyond me.

22. Sept. 24: DC 4-1 RSL

Who kept Saborio onside here? What a fantastic run and finish. What a poor, poor match.

23. Oct. 22: RSL 1-1 POR

Saborio chips Perkins after a great run. Are more words needed? I think not.

Bonus goal: Alvaro Saborio backheel, 2011 playoffs

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